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  We all know the Acie Earl the former Iowa Hawkeye basketball player[numerous records], We all know the Acie Earl the former NBA player, Celtics, Raptors and Bucks[1st round pick].  We all know Acie earl the former overseas player of 8 seasons in over 11 countries [including 3 MVP awards] We all know Acie Earl the trainer with Venom Sports Training, he’s trained over 500 kids and held numerous camps, clinics and programs in many states and help send and prepare over 12 kids to go on and play professionally and in college.  We know Acie Earl the owner and super producer of Venom productions and Venom Sounds, where he help produce up and coming artists to get their music and DVDs for sale and download on the internet. You might know the Acie Earl whom is a coach in the high school district of solon, Iowa for their Freshmen Boys program. We might know Acie Earl the real Estate Agent, where he is licensed to sell in the state of Iowa under the company Sellers and Seekers. 


But do you know Acie Earl the TV show talk show host, ah maybe no. 
Just this year, in Jan. of 2008 Acie Earl started his own show catering to sports and real estate topics.  Under the Iowa City Pay TV program, Acie brings in different guests weekly for 1 hour to discuss their personal and business lives.  Acie feels that there is not enough emphasis on positive sports and life, so Acie invitites many of the players he’s trained and coached, parents, coaches, principals, athletic directors, bankers, real estate agents, doctors, and any one positive in the community with a story to tell on his show.  For the 1st 20 minutes Acie has a sports commentary voicing his opinion about the high school, college, and pro stories of the week.  Then the next 10 minutes Acie gives the listeners a little tid bit session on things going on in the real estate world for home ownership selling and buying.  Then the last 30 minutes the show is dedicated to the special guests. Call ins' are welcome and the show has a special line to call to dial directly to Acie and his guests.  The show also has the hawkeye hot seat where Acie fires a quick Q and A rapid fire answer session under a 1 minute time clicker.  All in all Acie doesn't know where the show will take him, but for now, its fun people like it and he gets extreme satisfaction from the local viewers when people say hey Acie I saw your show last week! 

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I graduated with a graphic arts degree from Kirkwood in 2003 and a degree in psychology from the University of Iowa in 2007. While at the University of Iowa I began hosting a weekly politics/news opinion show called, "This Week's Version of the Truth," on the University's radio station, KRUI. This February, after a suggestion from a radio listener, I began hosting a TV version of my show and volunteering on various TV shows at Iowa City PATV. The challenge, enjoyment, and sense of responsibility in providing the public with news and information they may not acquire otherwise, has lead me to pursue further learning opportunities in the social media format.
















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